Hotel Cameron Highlands

There are many choices of hotels in Cameron Highlands and accommodations to choose from. You have the star rated hotels like YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, Equatorial Hotel, Strawberry Park Resort, Heritage Hotel, Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel and Smokehouse Hotel.

Cameron Highlands hotels and accommations

Hotels and accommodations in Cameron Highlands are spread out all over the place. You can choose to stay in a hotel within the town like Tanah Rata and Brinchang and have easy access to amenities and restaurants. On the other hand you can choose to stay in the quieter countryside. Even if do choose to stay away from the town, it is still within easy reach provided of course you have your own transport. If you are relying on public transport or shuttle service provided by the star rated hotels than your movement becomes somewhat inconvenient.

For those who wish not to splurge on star rated hotels, you could go for more budget hotels. Cameron Highlands has all kinds of accommodation to cater from affordable lodgings to dormitory styled guesthouses. If you don't mind sharing your room space you can have a bed to sleep for RM10 per night! Guesthouses with shared room space are best arranged if you come in group. At least you will know who your roommates that you are sharing your room with!

And what about families? Yes, there are those apartments. Plenty of them are available all over Cameron Highlands. And their prices vary too from expensive to affordable. Take for instance; you could rent apartments from Equatorial Hotel. But those are very expensive and do not allow cooking. Or you could look for those residential apartments that are converted for renting out to visitors. Choices are many and usually for those who would prefer to do some cooking, these choices would be the best options. Apartments in Cameron Highlands include Greenhill Apartments, Arabella Apartments, Desa Anthurium, Parkview Apartments and many others!

Visiting Cameron Highlands is not always a couple's affair! Even for me, we do come in a group of friends or the entire family! Therefore looking for accommodation that can house four or more persons for sharing in a room or apartment would be the best options. And because there is a big demand for this kind of lodging, you won't find a shortage of this type of accommodation provision.

And for those that like good old colonial charms, there are of course old bungalows located around the countryside. These bungalow accommodations are not so easy to find and tend to be more exclusive.

Take for instance, Cluny Lodge, this bungalow caters only to Singaporean civil servants only! So no chance even for me to try it out! That doesn't mean there aren't any bungalows; just that it is more difficult to find them.

For those who like the Tudor architecture and old colonial charm, there are three places where you could give it a try: Smokehouse, Lakehouse and Bala's Chalet. They have nice beautiful garden and the interiors are very old English. Gives you a very England feeling especially with the cool climate of Cameron Highlands and misty mornings!

Choosing your hotel accommodation in Cameron Highlands

Where would you like to stay? In Tanah Rata, Brinchang, or in the countryside? Each has their own pros and cons. Staying in town would provide you with easy access to amenities, restaurants and transport. If the accommodations you choose are the shop lot type, and you have a car, parking would be an issue. Look for those hotels that have their own parking space. Between Tanah Rata and Brinchang, personally I would prefer Tanah Rata especially if staying in Cameron Highlands on a weekend. Why? The Brinchang night market would cause a jam around the Brinchang area, and I certainly don't like traffic jams. However staying in Brinchang also provides you easy walking distance to visit the night market too! Ah, decision, decision.

For a more quiet location, choose the countryside hotels like Strawberry Park Resort, Smokehouse Hotel, Lakehouse Cameron Highlands, YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, etc. As for Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highlands, it sits on the pinnacle of the main Cameron Highlands road and right smack at Kea Farm market area. For those who like to shop for vegetables, this is the place! However it becomes a bit of a distance for travelling down to Tanah Rata. Likewise for Lakehouse hotel, it has a grand view of the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake, but the distance to Tanah Rata and Brinchang is rather much further, though you get to Ringlet pretty easy, but the main tourist town would still be Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Even for me I have never quite stopover in Ringlet. Perhaps there might be something worth exploring but I never quite bring myself to do any exploration there.

Still Lakehouse has a nice charm to it, and it might worth your while to stay in Lakehouse hotel here for the hotel ambience though it might be a distance to travel to your destination later.

Whatever the choice of hotel accommodation to choose in Cameron Highlands, this Malaysian highland is still one of the best to visit, and perhaps if you are a regular like me, you could try staying in various hotels just to experience something different!