About Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is such wonderful place to go for a holiday vacation getaway that I have decided to create a travel website dedicated to this beautiful region of the Malaysia highlands. Creating this website is no easy task, because I started out with not much material. Over the years as I travel to and fro to Cameron Highlands with my friends and mostly with my family, I sneak out some time to do some research and looked out for information to create a website that would provide an in-depth enough website for other travellers who are keen to visit the beautiful country of Cameron Highlands.

Beautiful Cameron Highlands countryside view from Boh tea plantation

It is not without its challenges and encounters with bad webmaster that would steal and scrape with no effort of their own. Even now I still see such bad webmaster around. But I take heart that this kind of webmaster has no love for Cameron Highlands because they do not make the effort to visit Cameron Highlands and write their own articles and opinions and too lazy to even take their own photos!

Nevertheless, my success at creating the ultimate website resource about Cameron Highlands has lead to many website visitors cheering me on for providing such a good website that no one has been able to do. If I may be so proud to say that this is the place to look out for information about Cameron Highlands despite the fact that I don't even live there!

Anyway this is a companion website to my main website at Cameron-Highland-Destination because there are some things that I just can't do over at the other web hosting server. So hopefully this site would provide the feature to give additional features to my website and make it even better than before.

If you want to look for information related to Cameron Highlands on my other website you can browse through the main listing and check out the information that was written by me.

And above all do have a good enjoyable time when you take break and watch out for the pitfalls when planning for a trip to Cameron Highlands to make your holiday travel destination the best ever each time!