Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations

Boh Sungai Palas Tea Plantation Tea Centre overlooking the tea plantation

One of Cameron Highlands' star tourism Malaysia attractions is none other than tea plantation. Their soothing green of tea plantation from both the Boh Tea Plantation estate and Bharat Tea Plantation never fails to draw in the crowds. Coupled with beautiful view from tea shops, tea centres and tea houses, it is definitely a place to visit every time you go visit Cameron Highlands!

There are three tea plantation companies in Cameron Highlands, Boh Tea Plantation, Bharat Tea Plantation and Blue Valley Tea Plantation. Of the three, Boh and Bharat are the most accessible as they are located in the central Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia area nearby to Tanah Rata and Brinchang. While Blue Valley is a little out of the way on the road from Simpang Pulai to Gua Musang. For most visitors, visiting Boh and Bharat would more than suffice although for the intrepid explorers, they could of course venture out further. Travel agents may provide excursion to the tea plantation located further afield.

Even for me, having visited Cameron Highlands numerous times, my visit to tea plantation has always been to Boh's and Bharat's. This is due to accessibility and convenience of planning a vacation itinerary for the whole family who wants a relaxing time at the Malaysian Highlands.

For Boh and Bharat, each has two notable locations where one can park oneself, have a cup of tea and some cakes and scones and take in the panoramic soothing view of the tea plantation.

And if you are feeling restless? Fret not, you could take a stroll in the tea plantation and examine the tea plants more closely. Many a times I could hear the shrieks and cries of children enjoying their frolic amongst the tea shrubs and taking numerous photos of themselves. Adults too are just as eager to take a walk amongst the greens.

New tea shops and tea centres has been set up and upgraded by both Boh and Bharat, and can take more visitors and has a more commanding view of the tea plantation valleys.

And where are the tea shops and tea centres?

For Boh, their tea centres are located in Fairlie Tea Plantation estate and Sungai Palas Tea Plantation estate. For Bharat, the Shalimar tea shop located along the main road between Habu and Tanah Rata town and another quieter tea ship located near to Tringkap town. For a must visit, Boh's Sungai Palas Tea Centre and Bharat's Shalimar tea shop would be highly recommended.

Want to learn more about how teas are made? Head for the tea factory tour! Best ones to visit are located in Boh's Tea Plantation because the factory is just next to their tea centres. So after a nice cuppa of tea and having had enough of frolicking around the tea plants, you could learn a thing or two about tea production by visiting the tea factory.

A few points to note:

No harvesting of tea on Sunday, thus Boh's Tea Centre and factory are closed on Monday.

Visiting hours to tea shops or tea centres are from 9am to 4.30pm.

So don't be disappointed if you find them closed on Monday, especially to those determined traveller who would walk all the way into Boh Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands (it is a very long walk!). Don't say I didn't tell ya!


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