Jungle Trekking in Cameron Highlands

One of the adventurous activities that you can do in Cameron Highlands is jungle trekking. With the nice cool temperature of Cameron Highlands, going into the jungle for some jungle bashing seems like an interesting adventure, yes? Malaysia still has many virgin forest, and at the higher levels, the montane forest provides a different feature.

Jungle path #4 leading to bridge over Parit Waterfall

If you are an avid jungle trekker enthusiast, and who likes going on nature trails or even camping out in the great outdoors, Cameron Highlands provides an interesting setting not unlike other areas around Malaysia. Of course do be a responsible tourist, but I'm sure those who love the great outdoors and natural surroundings would agree with me.

In fact even by venturing into the forest with such a simple activity as jungle trekking already do cause some damage to the environment. It is a two edge sword, on the one hand, we want to admire the beauty of nature and so we venture into the jungle. On the other hand by witnessing the lovely environment we ourselves create disturbances that gradually damage it. Yet, it has to be done otherwise the without the knowledge and awareness of such beauty we would not know how to appreciate nature and find a cause for its protection.

Cameron Highlands has various trails and jungle path that has been laid down over the years. Those jungle trails range from easy going with some pave work for easy traversing to the very challenging and requires very physically fit person to trudge the ups and downs of reaching your objective like a mountain summit and then finding your way back again.

Jungle trekking can be quite dangerous for the inexperience and there have occasion where jungle trekkers have gotten themselves lost. This resulted in organised manhunt with the authorities and would require the services of Orang Asli, natives of the jungle who frequent the jungles for hunting. They are indeed good at their craft and expert in tracking you down should you ever get lost in one of your jungle expedition.

Some precaution is always advisable whenever you are embarking on a jungle expedition on your own. Leave word with your hotel or accommodation that you are going on a jungle excursion and should you be unable to return at some point in time they should contact the authorities to organize a search party for your rescue. Anyway the above is a precaution, but one that should be followed even for seasoned trackers.

Perhaps a good way to enjoy jungle trekking it to employ jungle guides who will guide you on your journey. It might even be a good idea since they are very experienced and would know some secret beautiful spot for your enjoyment such as the popular mossy jungle where moss covers a large part of jungle giving you a fairy tale like setting. Signing up with travel and tour companies has an added advantage too. Sure the trail may be one that has been frequently followed. At least you will know it is one of the popular ones. You might even get to view the largest flower in the world-—the Rafflesia flower!

For most of us city folks who just want to things free and easy, I would suggest the simplest of all jungle trails, the Parit Trail, jungle path number 4. This one is easy and there is no way you could get lost as the path is well trodden. On some stretch it is even paved. It leads to the Parit Waterfall with a nice wooden bridge running across the little waterfall. Many a postcard photos about Cameron Highlands has that scene. Even myself has a photograph of the Parit Waterfall. Simply superb.

So put on your jungle boots, bring along your knapsack with some essentials like water and food, raincoats, and off we go for some jungle trekking in Cameron Highlands!