Located on a higher ground Brinchang is another town you can consider to hole up in Cameron Highlands. It may be smaller than Tanah Rata town, but by no means lesser. The popular Brinchang Night Market is an ever draw for visitors alike selling all kinds of market produce.

View of Brinchang square on a wet night in Cameron Highlands

Arriving at Brinchang town, you would notice that the main road is no longer flat but at an angle. Going up you would head out to Kea Farm and of course heading down you would pass by the golf course and to Tanah Rata.

Some people prefer Brinchang over Tanah Rata, but for me I would prefer Tanah Rata over Brinchang. I did stay over in Brinchang before, but because I drive, I need a proper parking space rather than park on the road side parking bays or in the Brinchang square. If the night market is on for that night, parking would become severely limited, plus the traffic would become congested. Then again some people would prefer Brinchang because, well, it is located on a higher ground then Tanah Rata, and theoretically would mean cooler temperature, eh?

Brinchang has been expanding over the years and there are now new areas located off the main roads. New shops, new restaurants and new hotels are springing out all over the place. So you would definitely be spoilt for choice. Old hands are still here, so when it comes to accommodation, you still have the good old Star Regency Apartment standing tall at the higher end of Brinchang, and Iris House Hotel at the lower end. In between, you have those shop house hotel like Rainbow Hotel, Parkland Hotel, Brinchang Hotel, Jasmine Hotel to name a few. And of course behind the main road, sitting cosy in a corner is the star rated Rosa Passadena Hotel. If you like a little perch you could go for Hotel Country Lodge.

Restaurant wise, there are many here. Mostly Chinese restaurants in Cameron Highlands that serves the usual ever popular steamboat. Something about the cool air in the highlands that makes a hot steaming pot of broth with goodies thrown that just makes it really savoury. If you already become "jelat" of eating the same steamboat day in day out in Cameron Highlands you could ask to cook wok dishes instead. They are pretty good at it, and of course you can order up fresh vegetables grown in Cameron Highlands!

Of course if you decided to go the unhealthy way, there is the finger licking good ol' Colonel Sander's, you know where I'm heading, Kentucky Fried Chicken! Yep, KFC is here in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. Everybody just love the crunchy deep fried chicken skin, though that would bring up your cholesterol level a few notches up.

Of course if want to go healthy, there are two Organic Restaurant located behind the main road - Ho Organic Farm Restaurant and Cameron Organic Product Restaurant. The vegetables are organically grown and their steamboat uses charcoal for that added aroma to your steamboat meal.

For the adventurous, further up road beyond the police living quarters, there is Jungle Path #1 where the jungle trail takes you through very tough and rigorous terrain to take you up to the highest point in Cameron Highlands, Mount Brinchang (Gunung Brinchang). You would well be advice to get a guide for this jungle bashing, because the path is arduous and thick, and you might just get lost.

Come weekend, public holidays or the school term breaks, the Brinchang Night Market will be on! Yes, yummy delicious food stalls on one side of the road, (maybe some durians for sale if you are lucky) while on the other side, vegetable produce, potted plants and flowers for sale. And of course, traffic congestion.

If your accommodation is in Brinchang and you drove, you have two choices, come back early to book your choice parking space (if you are staying in the town area and the hotel do not provide parking facility), or wait it out till past 10pm when the market wind down for the night. Good luck!

As for me, I guess I will just head back to Tanah Rata and have a quiet relaxing night after shopping for some goodies in the night market.