Cameron Highlands Map
Getting there

The Cameron Highlands map below shows you are you can get to Cameron Highlands by car. There are two ways getting there to Cameron Highlands, from the PLUS North-South Expressway you can exit either via Tapah exit or Simpang Pulai exit. Each route to Cameron Highlands has its own pros and cons. Tapah is an older route, the road is winding and narrow and would not be so easy for the less experience driver while the Simpang Pulai route would be much easier with its wider road and occasional double lanes for overtaking slower vehicles.

Cameron Highlands map. Getting there by using Tapah exit or Simpang Pulai exit.

It would seem simple like a simple choice to choose the Simpang Pulai road. That's where the simplicity ends. Firstly if you are coming from the south you will need an additional 20 minutes drive from Tapah to the Simpang Pulai exit. The slight longer time would be offset by the easier drive up which would take about one hour of driving. On a normal day, it would take approximately the same amount of time to drive say from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands, would be about 3 hours either way.

On the other hand, on a peak or super peak period (long weekend and school holiday breaks), choosing the Simpang Pulai route to Cameron Highlands would be a bad choice. Sure, the drive up would be easy. However the moment you turn in at the Blue Valley junction to Kampung Raja that's where your nightmare starts! And why would I say that? Because on a peak season there would be indiscriminate parking of cars on the side of the road in Kea Farm and Brinchang as well as various other roadside attractions. This would cause massive traffic congestion and would probably take you at least two hours of grinding stops and go before you could reach Tanah Rata, Brinchang or your travel destination accommodation.

Take my word for it, having had encountered it once is enough for me. Friends and families who did not listen to advice also suffered the same fate. And when they finally reached the apartment, they would say much to their regret "Should have listened to you!" So take heed and use the Tapah way up on peak weekends or school holidays.

Tuesday, 10th October, 2017 | 12:49pm