Things to do in Cameron Highlands

What things to do in Cameron Highlands? Plenty! This is one Malaysian highlands that is filled with many sights and attractions. Of course each of the highlands around Malaysia has their own activities. For example Genting Highlands will have the amusement parks, concerts, casinos, restaurants and shopping, while Berjaya Hills will have their French theme Colmar Tropicale village replica and soothing Japanese Zen Garden, and Bukit Fraser will have their bird watching which is not quite for everybody's activity. When it comes to Cameron Highlands, its wide coverage area meant that many enterprising resident setting up some interesting tours and travel activities.

Jungle trekking in Cameron Highlands

For those of you who have your own transport, travelling from one sight and attraction in Cameron Highlands is a breeze. As I have said before, Cameron Highlands consist of several towns and locations. You can't simply walk from one place to another on foot. Though I have seen some very determine travellers going about it that way; sure the cool weather is great for outdoor walking but not all of us are that fit or has that much time in our hands to do a walkabout.

One of the star attractions in Cameron Highlands is of course their Tea Plantation. With the soothing sea of tea plants growing along the rolling hills, you just want to feast your eyes on the soothing green and imagine yourself calming down. The cool temperature of Cameron Highlands sure helps, after all this is unlike the sun, sea and sand beaches of Malaysia. I know many like to go for seaside resort, but the hot weather makes one sweat way too much! So the Malaysian highlands is such a big draw for locals and foreigners alike who want to experience spring or autumn like weather without going overseas.

Another favourite activity is jungle trekking. With the cool climate, one wouldn't break into a sweat so easily while trudging around jungle bashing with a load on your shoulder. With many virgin forests around the mountain, it is quite an interesting challenge to reach some of the mountain peaks around Cameron Highlands. The highest of course would be Mount Brinchang at approximately 2,000m or 6,666 feet, the going is so easy, but you could take the easy route by using the tarred asphalt road!

Cameron Highlands is a vegetable growing community apart from the obvious tourism Malaysia activities. So all around you will see farms growing all manners of vegetables. Some farmers may opt to grow some interesting variety of vegetables that are not so easily available in the lowlands. So you could buy back a bundle and fill your car trunk full of fresh vegetables for later cooking at home! For those without transport that's kinda hard to do, so you just have to satisfy yourself with a plate of vegetables cooked up by the local restaurants in Cameron Highlands!

There are many markets that sell the produce grown in Cameron Highlands. Just about everywhere you turn you will find a market here, a market there. If you really want to go the way of being a really healthy eater, you may want to buy organic vegetables instead. Not many farmers are going the way of organic farming as the growing process is very different from the conventional pesticide and artificial fertilizers. In organic farming, they do face higher crop loss from insects but those are controlled by natural means. No pesticide and no artificial fertilizer are used in their organic garden farm, so naturally it is more difficult to grow vegetables and the price is usually more expensive. But if you want to have healthy living it may be small price to pay.

Apart from vegetables, you may also visit nurseries that sell an assortment of plants that you can bring back to your home for house decoration. However the hot weather in Malaysia in the lowlands may not be as conducive as the highlands. Nevertheless, my wife did manage to get some to grow well and some just couldn't withstand the heat. I guess we just don't have green thumb skill! Most entrance to nurseries is free except for two Rose growing centers, one located in Kea Farm and the other at Tringkap. For those who like a romp through rose garden, you could give that go. Other nurseries specialised in cactus, and there are quite a few here in Cameron Highlands. For those who like gardening, there are many nurseries for you to visit!

A little more of interest would be to visit Butterfly Farms and Butterfly Garden. There are two located around the Kea Farm area which you can enjoy a rabble of butterfly fluttering the garden and enjoy a chance to see the Raja Brooke butterfly which is considered a protected species in Malaysia. Entrance fee is required though.

Buzz, buzz, now bee farms apiaries is where you can view live bees buzzing around. There is one in Kea Farm and there is no entrance fee required. Just enjoy the garden and watch the worker bees buzzing around collecting honey. And after a short walk you could buy some honey and royal jelly as a way to support their honey farm.

For those avid golfers, there is a public golf course located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. So if you just can't do without a round of golf that where you can head off. With the nice cool weather, I'm sure you could two rounds without breaking a sweat unlike those lowland golf course under the hot sun of Malaysia!

There are more sights and attractions around Cameron Highlands, so look around and see what things to do in Cameron Highlands. I'm sure you will not be bored to death. There is always something to do here!

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