Cameron Highlands Malaysia Travel Forums

A misty evening in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Malaysia travel forums is great way to ask for advice and share information about your travel destination experience to the Malaysian highlands. It is open to everybody so anybody can give their two cents worth. I will check it once in awhile to share my suggestions as well. So all in all, everybody will have some fair idea about what to expect when going to Cameron Highlands and how to plan for your trip.

Also for first timers going up the Malaysia Highlands, I understand your trepidation about driving along roads that are narrow and winding. My first experience was also done with some anxiety. However after several trips, you would more or less know what to expect. It was so many years ago when I made my first trip, and at that time there wasn't even internet and websites where I could get information. Everything was done rather blind. Now with information at your fingertips; forewarned is certainly forearmed. You may still be anxious for your first trip, but at least you have some expectation on what you would expect while travelling to our favourite Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia travel destination!