Cameron Highlands Malaysia Weather

With its higher elevation, the weather in Cameron Highlands is cooler than those areas in the lowlands. And that's one of the main reasons why we all love to head off to the various cool highlands around Malaysia. To get relief from the hot humid weather in Malaysia.

Misty evening in Cameron Highlands

Why choose Cameron Highlands instead of say Genting Highlands or Bukit Fraser or other Malaysian highlands around the country? All have cool weather temperature. It is not quite the same. Sure, apart from cool weather temperature in Cameron Highlands, the soothing green of jungles and forest and tea plantation is a nice draw for crowds planning for a relaxing weekend vacation getaway.

Cameron Highlands
Weather Forecast

The average temperature in Cameron Highlands is about 23°C during the day and about 10°C during the night. Although there will be seasonal variation like when an El Nino or a La Nina weather phenomenon which then skews the weather in Cameron Highlands to be either warmer or colder.

Although the coldest temperature ever recorded by the Malaysian Meteorological department is 7.8°C, I found an old historical plaque that showed a lower recorded temperature of 5.56°C (42°F) way back in 1934 by the British! I guest deforestation and over development is the culprit. If such rampant development goes uncheck, we might not see any colder temperature in future visit to Cameron Highlands. Or perhaps you might blame it global warming, no? Well all of us have a part to play in preserving good old mother Earth from overheating. Already we can see storms are becoming fiercer and extreme weather conditions like cold becoming colder and hot becoming hotter, etc.

Of course while Cameron Highlands weather is still cool nowadays, then do go up there for breather and have some relief against the hot weather in Malaysia. That's one of the reason for going up Cameron Highlands, yes?

But do be a responsible traveller and keep your thrash to yourself and throw them in designated areas. Use less plastic bags where possible and recycle bags for your grocery shopping. You could use many of those PP nonwoven shopping bags for carrying your stuff up to Cameron Highlands and reusing them again. Hopefully we can do our little bit to help preserve not just the cool weather in Cameron Highlands, but also the weather in Malaysia and the rest of the world too!