Restaurants in Cameron Highlands

There are plenty of restaurants in Cameron Highlands. You needn't worry on what to eat in the popular Malaysian highlands. Chinese food, Indian food, Malay food, even Western style food is available. And if you got money to splurge, you can even go Japanese in YTL Cameron Highlands Resort Japanese Restaurant!

Malaysia food stalls in Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands

One of the most common sights when hunting around for eateries in Cameron Highlands is the ever popular steamboat meal. Just about every town you go, and every turn of your head during meal times especially during the night, you will see a group of friends here, a family gathering there enjoying a hot tasty pot of steamboat chugging away in the cool air of Cameron Highlands.

What's more, some families and friends even do their own steamboat meal in some Cameron Highlands apartment rather than go out for a steamboat meal. One thing about cooking a steamboat on your own, you definitely get a lot more in comparison than those restaurants in Cameron Highlands. Anyway, I'm to talk more about going out to eat then eating in at your own leisure in your own apartment in Cameron Highlands.

First off, steamboat in Cameron Highlands. You can find them in just about any Chinese restaurants, however for those of you who need to have halal steamboat versions you can have them in hotels like Rosa Passadena Hotel in Brinchang or Strawberry Park Resort Hotel. Since steamboat is just about same anywhere, then try something a little different. Still steamboat, but instead of the normal gas stove version why not go for the charcoal steamboat? Charcoal steamboat is something unique as it gives off an added aroma while cooking your meal. One organic steamboat owner told us that using steamboat, has another advantage over gas stove version, in that the heat is not so direct, and the infra-red heat from a charcoal fire would not be so damaging to the vegetables. I'm not so sure about the logic on the advantage of charcoal fire vs. gas stove fire; one thing for sure, the added aroma and of course the unusual way of going about cooking akin to the traditional way of using charcoal sure gives it an added interesting way of having your steamboat meal.

Apart from steamboat, there is the Indian food of which there are several side by side along the main road of Tanah Rata. Each of the Indian restaurant has their own specialty and servings. However for most of us, having a teh tarik break anytime is what brings us to Mamak shops in the first place. So off we go to Indian Restaurants, order up a roti chanai, naan or thosai and have together with teh tarik or a cup of local coffee to wash it all down! If you are feeling hungry then go for banana leaf rice. I guarantee that you will be extremely bloated from a banana leaf rice serving! Haha!

For Malay food, check out the row of Malay stalls in Tanah Rata just opposite of the main shops along the main road. And what would be the favourite Malaysian food? Nasi lemak and satay comes to mind. And they have good tasty servings of nasi lemak and satay. Just take your pick from any of the stalls. They sure taste good!

Feeling a little like a Mat Salleh? No problem, Western food a plenty here. Most are priced reasonably and the portions are sufficient for us Malaysians. Too much also cannot finish. Remember our Asian stomach are not as large as the Mat Salleh, although I can't quite say the same about our appetite judging from the amount of gastronomical food variety that we eat. Definitely will have to into a slimming program after gorging ourselves full from all those tasty, yummy food in Malaysia. For good Western food you have to head off to the hotels. Good ones are served in Smokehouse Hotel, Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel, and of course Cameron Highlands Resort. Be prepared to pay as they aren't cheap! But yes, they certainly are tasty!

And not to forget, we are indeed in Cameron Highlands, with an English style setting and cool mountain air. Yes, afternoon tea and scones with Devonshire cream to have that English air in the highlands! Many places serves tea and scones, and some even boast they are the best. Of course you be the judge. I have tried many places, and guess what? It is not the boastful or the most expensive that serves the best scones, but the most humble and sometimes a little quiet location that have the best scones and very humble pricing too!

So do check out the various eateries and restaurants in Cameron Highlands. Apart from the usual steamboat restaurants, tea and scones cafes, you just might find some interesting restaurant in Cameron Highlands to whet your appetite.

Bon Appétit!