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Cameron Highlands is no small place. Likewise the Cameron Highlands travel destination website is no small website. I have amassed quite a fair bit of information. Though I try my best to create a navigational structure that hopefully you should be able to find the information in a few clicks of the mouse. However some information may get filed somewhere else. Then again there are also blogs about Cameron Highlands and those are pretty much unstructured. On top of that, I have companion sites and main site and portal site, so the information may get scattered in a few places.

Custom Search

If by going through the navigation menu takes some doing, then the best way to go about is to do a Cameron Highlands travel search using the popular Google search engine. This one is specially customised to search only within the Cameron Highlands website and related website related to travel that I managed. So hopefully it will be able to pinpoint the information that you need about Cameron Highlands.

So give it try and fill in your search term in the box provided and click [search]. You should be able to see a result in a jiffy. The search info will open to a new window.

Happy searching!