Tanah Rata

Tanah Rata would be one of the better towns to make your base when you visit Cameron Highlands. Tanah Rata literally means "flat land" as the ground here is relatively flat in comparison with say, Brinchang.

View of Tanah Rata main road in Cameron Highlands

Moving around Tanah Rata is relatively easy. Even if you were to park your car at one end, you could walk from end-to-end without any trouble. Although Tanah Rata town has been expanding with a few more "Taman", most of the restaurants and shops are located along the main road.

There are plenty of hotels including shop house style accommodation located in Tanah Rata. From star rated to budget guesthouses, so you can pick the ones that would fit your budget and preference. Good hotels to try out would be Century Pines Resort Hotel and Heritage Hotel. For really budget ones you could go for Father's Guesthouse, Cameronian Inn or Twin Pines. There are many, many more, so please look up the hotel accommodation list and see which one catches your fancy, eh?

And yes, if you prefer to let others plan your travel itinerary, there is no shortage of travel agents and travel agencies that you can choose for your sightseeing needs in Cameron Highlands. CS Travel, Kang Travels, or even Cameron Secret (book from Father's Guesthouse), there are more! Some just look like a hut, but they do have some interesting itineraries. Saves you a lot of time and trouble and covers most of the popular sights in Cameron Highlands!

And of course if you prefer to go about it on your own, the taxi stand is here right along the main road, and of course for those who don't drive, the bus station at Terminal Freesia is located here too, though I wouldn't recommend taking the local bus as you probably have to wait long between bus arrivals.

What else do you want to do? Have some fun and play football too? There is soccer field just at the junction near the bus station. This would definitely keep the energetic hyperactive children happy. Having incredible views is less of a priority for them usually. What they want is to play, run around and have fun!

For us, adults, you could do some trail blazing, maybe a simple one, by taking the Jungle Path #4 (aka the Parit Trail). The jungle path is sandwich between Century Pines Resort Hotel and a little river stream next to the football field. If you prefer a trail that is more challenging, you could follow the road along the football field and head to the Robinson Falls and try out Jungle Path #9. There are quite a number of jungle trails from Tanah Rata, so check out the Jungle Trail section and see if you can find a trail to your liking.

And after all those energy draining activities, it is time for some grub! So many restaurants in Cameron Highlands, which one to choose? For most people, the no brainer would be steamboat. Something about the cool air that makes you want to go for something steaming hot. Steamboat is a very popular meal in Cameron Highlands, just about any Chinese restaurant (including hotels!) will serve this dish. It is easy to prepare, inexpensive and quite a load of fun to try out too!

And after a meal, you still want to laze around, there is the Starbuck coffee franchise. Bring along your laptop as they got free WIFI. Have a hot cup of coffee (though tea would seem more appropriate, eh?) while you surf the net, perhaps browse this Cameron-Highlands.Net website to plan your trip about Cameron Highlands?

For those who would prefer to take on less vigorous activities, there is the MARDI Agro technology Park with their beautiful gardens. They are located along the road (remember the football field?) leading to Robinson Falls.

For those who need some groceries and provisions, there are plenty around in Tanah Rata. And why would you want to do some marketing here anyway? Well, there are some of you would like to cook your own meals, perhaps make your own steamboat meals in your apartment accommodation? After all it can be quite fun to do your own eat-in meal and you can reduce the amount of food you have to bring along on your trip. Of course, first thing first, you need an apartment accommodation that allows for own cooking, that would be Greenhill Apartment located next to Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands, or Parkview Apartments in Jalan Mentigi. There is also another one located high atop a hill called the Arabella Apartment with a very grand view of Tanah Rata and surrounding areas of Cameron Highlands.

What other interesting info is there about Tanah Rata? There is an old Roman Catholic Convent school next to Heritage Hotel, easily seen from the main road in Tanah Rata. It was use at one time by the British as a medical hospital.

And if you want to do some research about Cameron Highlands' history, you could pop in at the public library located a short distance behind the bus terminal. Perhaps find out about some intriguing tit bits about the mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson.

Looking for some souvenirs? There are various kinds of little trinkets like key chains and fridge magnets that can be had for keepsakes. Though the Yung Seng Souvenir Shop would have more interesting aboriginal stuffs that you could consider for bringing back as a little reminder to your trip to good old Cameron Highlands.

Tired out from too much running around? Then take break from all this, and head back to your hotel room for well needed break!