Cameron Highlands Links

This are some travel links to other website other than Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands travel website is just about information on the popular Malaysia highlands. However there are occasions that I may be traveling other places of interest around Malaysia. The government do encourage us locals to explore the various cuti-cuti Malaysia travel location not just always thinking about going overseas for holiday.

The long winding road to Cameron Highlands

Tourism Malaysia has it advantages, although being familiar with oneís own culture you might think is what is so great about traveling your own backyard? Actually plenty. Being always stuck in Kuala Lumpur city isnít it same olí boring get stuck in the traffic jam and all? It is not always so when you travel to the Malaysian countryside and the beautiful Malaysia Islands and beaches. Something to get away from all the rushing around in the big city. One canít always go to Cameron Highlands all the time. There are many other places to explore.

So it is likewise for exploring websites, and I do have several other websites about other topics that I have an interest in it. So hopefully it might be of interest to you too. And while you are exploring the other websites, I may as well list down some of my familyís and friendsí website too and help them out a bit.

So happy exploring!