Vegetable Markets in Cameron Highlands

One thing about visiting Cameron Highlands, you sure would end up in some market in Cameron Highlands eventually. They are just about everywhere! Cameron Highlands market is where you would go to buy fresh Cameron vegetable produce. After all the cool weather in Cameron Highlands is very conducive for vegetable farming activities.

Brinchang night market

Arriving at the highlands, you can see plastic sheets protecting the vegetable crops against the weather elements of highlands. It may be unsightly but it is here that a majority of the Malaysian vegetables is supplied. There are vegetable farms in the lowlands as well but the cool weather of the Malaysian highlands makes it good for growing all manner of vegetables. Apart from Cameron Highlands, you could also find farms in Genting Highlands too, but not as extensive as in Camerons.

There are various markets in Cameron Highlands; the most famous one would be Kea Farm. With the Equatorial Cameron Highlands Hotel set smack right in the middle of Kea Farm, the market stretches from Kea Farm all the way to the junction that leads to Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation. I would consider this as the biggest collection of market that not only sells vegetable produces, but also souvenirs, potted plants and various goodies.

Because of its popularity, on a peak season such as weekends, public holidays and school holidays, the vehicle traffic is considerably higher and with many cars parked by the roadside, it does create some congestion.

And such congestion is made worse when another popular market starts their business from evening onwards. None other than the popular Brinchang Night Market which is available on weekends, public holidays and Malaysian school holidays. Pasar Malam or night market is a familiar feature of Malaysian culture. This are like nomadic tribes but in this case a temporary stall set up just for the evening to sell vegetable produce, souvenirs and street food. Night markets are very popular throughout Malaysia and in Cameron Highlands with the cool weather it is an even better visit. The street food is good draw for hungry tourist would like to try out the various titbits and goodies. Even if you are not there for grocery marketing, the street food haunt is good enough reason to brave the hoards of people going for a look-see, look-see. Parking is difficult to find in Brinchang during this time, but what to do? It is such a popular tourist attraction!

Other markets around Cameron Highlands could be found in the Multicrops Central Market, also known in Malay as Arked Peladang (Farmer's Arcade). Here the vegetable choices are less, but they concentrate more on potted plants and souvenirs.

Otherwise head out further to Tringkap where along the main road a row of stalls shelters were set up to sell vegetables and such. Tringkap market is not too bad for buying vegetables. They might even be cheaper considering the distance away from the main tourist town of Tanah Rata and Brinchang. After all Kea Farm is nearer to these two towns.

Other Markets

For those who are making their way home and still cannot have enough of their grocery marketing, there are a few more markets in very big structure along the way from Blue Valley to Simpang Pulai. This is like your last chance shopping for vegetables and other Cameron Highlands produce.

If you are heading in the other direction to Tapah, just next to the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake opposite Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel is a mini row of stalls selling vegetables and potted plants. Those are not so cheap, but still you might find something at the last minute.

Cameron Highlands markets are plentiful everywhere, as this is where vegetable are grown and supplied to most parts of Malaysia and to a certain extend to Singapore and overseas destination. And visiting this market is one of the popular things to do for many who visit Cameron Highlands as well too.