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Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia travel destination, everybody's favourite place to go!

Looking for serene cuti-cuti Malaysia travel destination? Look no more further than Cameron Highlands Malaysia highland, the cool place to go when you need a place to relax. Plan your cuti-cuti Malaysia trip well and you will have the best holiday vacation getaway ever!

Cameron Highlands is located in Pahang, Malaysia though to reach there you use the PLUS North-South Expressway on the west coast of West Malaysia. With its superb highway, it takes about 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur city. From Singapore it takes much longer by road but it is possible as many Singaporeans brave the long journey just to have a chance to experience the popular Malaysia highlands tuck away in the mountains of Pahang. The journey from Singapore to Cameron Highlands takes about 8 hours drive non-stop driving. With the good road condition, lush greenery along the way and plenty of R&R stops for breaks; it would make short work of the long drive journey.

There are many highlands in Malaysia.

We have Genting Highlands, a popular casino cum amusement park. And of course they have many celebrity concerts as well as entertaining shows. Makes it something like Las Vegas, but instead of the being in the middle of desert, ours is way up above the clouds. Well it has a nickname calling it city in the clouds indeed.

Then we have Fraserís Hill or Bukit Fraser, a quieter version of Cameron Highlands minus the tea plantation and vegetable farms. It makes for a refreshing contrast against Cameron Highlands. In comparison Fraserís Hill is far more relaxing as there are fewer things to do.

And to take it one more step further for pure tranquility, then head up to Bukit Larut aka Maxwellís Hill. The smallest and also the oldest hill station in Malaysia. This is one place for pure relaxation. If you bring your children along they are bound to die from boredom. So perhaps it might be better to head off to Cameron Highlands where there is something for everybody!

Of course there are mish-mash of hill visits like Berjaya Hill (Bukit Tinggi) with its French replica village, the Colmar Tropicale and the well manicured Japanese Garden. Not forgetting of course Penang Hill.

What about East Malaysia, they have so many mountain ranges definitely they have hill resorts. In Sabah we have the Kinabalu Park around the Kundasang area and in Sarawak the Bario Highlands.

However for KL folks and Singaporeans, the ease of access by road makes Cameron Highlands a good choice to head off for a cool refreshing trip with something for everyone.

Its success by no means comes with a cost. Its popularity has ramp up many development. You could see many building under construction. The demand for accommodations and hotels in Cameron Highlands is threatening the pristine environment. Already the environment is suffering from the onslaught of overdevelopment as can be seen from the muddy cake of the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake aka the Ringlet Lake. They have tried to remedy it by dredging up the silt but before long the mud pies comes crashing in again. The lake is an important one as it is part of the dam network for the electro-hydro power plant located further downstream.

And of course the cool weather in Cameron Highlands plus the generally good plateau lands as per William Cameron remarked in his report about this place makes it a conducive place for agriculture. We have the ever popular tea plantation run by Boh and Bharat. And many various plot holdings for growing vegetables and plants.

Yes, Cameron Highlands is an important place for agriculture as well as a popular highland retreat for many city folks. It cannot be denied that its popularity is set to grow more each year and of course it would need good governance but from the looks at the current political climate, thatís not going happen anytime soon. So it is up to NGOs and us to help keep the place environmentally in order as much as possible by being responsible tourist. Lest the once beautiful Cameron Highlands would be no more.

For now, if you are looking for a beautiful and cool cuti-cuti Malaysia travel destination, then have a look at Cameron Highlands for your vacation getaway!

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