Brinchang Cameron Highlands

Brinchang town is a popular town in Cameron Highlands. Many has chosen to look for hotels in Brinchang for their stay in the popular Malaysian highlands. Even my first trip to Cameron Highlands, I booked an accommodation in Brinchang. My idea was that it has a higher elevation than Tanah Rata so logic dictates that it should be cooler than Tanah Rata! Haha. How wrong I was.

Anyway, Brinchang is popular as there are many activities that you can do in this little town of Cameron Highlands. It may not be as big as Tanah Rata and there is not much room left here for development and expansion. In fact it is almost bursting at the seams! Still a few new area around Brinchang was open to cater for the growing demand for this town in Cameron Highlands.

Brinchang map of Cameron Highlands

Restaurants in Brinchang

Restaurant in Brinchang

Brinchang is good choice for staying as it has many restaurants around, typical steamboat restaurants could be found here including organic steamboats as well as charcoal fired steamboats. Of course you have enough of steamboat for your dinner you can always opt for normal Chinese stir fired dishes which some of the restaurants do serve.

For those who are looking for halal dishes you can head on over to Rosa Passadena Hotel, they serve very tasty dishes including of course your usual steamboat. But like I said, you can always opt for normal stir fried dishes if you ever get jelat of steamboat meals!

And of course, if you really absolutely have no idea what to eat, you can go for Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC. You can't miss it! It is next to the main road with its bright red logo of Colonel Sanders and a bucket meal of fried chicken! I will take this as last choice 'coz you know eating fast food is not really that healthy. Heh heh.

Kentucky Fried Chickent, KFC in Brinchang

Hotels in Brinchang

Somehow I feel there are more hotels in Brinchang than in Tanah Rata, and not because the place here is more cramp or anything just felt that way. Some of the hotels in Brinchang you can find include:

  • Hotel Titiwangsa
  • Hotel Iris
  • Jasmine Hotel
  • Kowloon Hotel
  • Brinchang Hotel
  • Parkland Hotel
  • Rainbow Hotel
  • Rosa Passedena Hotel
  • Country Lodge Hotel
  • Kavy Hotel

And many more!

And if you are looking for apartment there is one standing tall at the northern end of Brinchang, the Star Regency Apartments. At the other end, on a hill, there is the Parkland Apartments. From Parkland Apartments you could actually spot the Sam Poh Kong Temple!

Things to do in Brinchang

For a small town like Brinchang, their most popular activity I would say is the Brinchang Night Market. It is only available on Weekends, Public Holidays and Malaysian School Holidays. It is so popular that it causes a massive traffic jam that stretches all the way to Kampung Raja! I don't really fancy getting caught in that kind of congestion. For such days, I would suggest you don't take the Simpang Pulai way to go Cameron Highlands. Some people complained it took them four hours trying to travel from Kampung Raja to Brinchang! Some of my friends and family also suffered the same fate though they said it took them about two hours.

Brinchang night market

The Brinchang Night Market is a big draw for crowds. Like insects attracted by night lights, people will swarm over to the night market buying goodies and treats. I don't know why, but whenever there is yummy food there will be lots of people around. Just a Malaysian culture I suppose. And of course for those who love cooking you can buy back a car trunkful of fresh Cameron Highlands vegetables. If you want a bargain, wait till almost closing time, that's when some of the traders may start throwing prices to clear their veggies. If you can't wait that long cause you are buying some vegetables for your home made steamboat meals, well just too bad.

It is also in Cameron Highlands where you can get loads and loads of fresh flowers, especially if you want to present your sweetheart with roses, they are rather cheap here. And of course there are many other variety of flowers that you can find, so that you can practice your hand at creating a bouquet of flowers, non?

Apart from the Brinchang Night Market, many visitors like to visit the Sam Poh Kong temple. To reach it, enter the road between the Indian Temple and Iris Hotel and follow the road to the end. You can't miss it! And of course the Indian Temple is an interesting tourist attraction too with all its intricate figurines and such do make for an opportunity for photo snapping!

Balai Kraftangan Brinchang

And if you are looking for some souvenirs, head off to the Balai Kraftangan Brinchang located in the central area of Brinchang town square next to the parking area.

Amenities and Essentials

Yep, for those who drive, at some point in time you do need to refuel. There are two petrol stations in Brinchang, Shell and Petronas located on opposite ends of Brinchang. Because of brand power, most people would head for Shell station, so you may have to wait a while on a heavy refuelling day.

Looking for daily necessities and groceries? Not to worry. There is one big grocery store called Pasaraya Jimat next to Rainbow Hotel. Prices are reasonable and you can just get about anything here.

Run out of cash? Quickly run over to Public Bank located next to Rosa Passadena Hotel. Ya, ya, there are banks in Cameron Highlands, so don't worry if you need ready cash for buying souvenirs and stuffs!

Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Brinchang Town

Brinchang town may be smaller than Tanah Rata but it has the night market and some interesting attractions. The town may not be so level as it is build on an incline but there are many good hotels and apartment to choose from. On the other hand, if you are looking budget guesthouses you are better off finding them in Tanah Rata. However the parking bays available here in Brinchang is much less, so for those who drive, looking for a parking slot that is near to your hotel would not be so easy, especially when the popular night market is on. However there seem to be more restaurant and food choices here in Brinchang. So take your pick on which Cameron Highlands town to stay!

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