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Always good to have a quick guide Cameron Highland map to the various sights and attractions to the popular Malaysian highlands. This map of Cameron Highlands is free from Google Maps so you can use it as rough guide to some of the various places. Generally, the roads around the highlands are quite easy to traverse. Just one long main road stretching from Tapah town, passing by Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap and all the way to Kampung Raja and Kuala Terla before reaching a T-junction where you can turn left to head off to Simpang Pulai or turn right and pass by Blue Valley on the way to Gua Musang to the east coast of Malaysia.

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Of course for first timers you may get a little worried as to how to move about without a map of Cameron Highlands, but not to worry, you can always buy a map from your nearest bookstore. Just hop on over to MPH, Popular Bookstore or Borders and check out the map section. Sure you can find one and they are pretty inexpensive costing about RM10 a piece. But for those miser of you who still want to save even more, you can wait till you reach Cameron Highlands, from there you can get your Cameron Highland map for about RM3 to RM4 depending on who publish them. Of course a map in hand before reaching your travel destination would afford you the time to study the area before embarking on your journey.

And for those looking for free map of Cameron Highlands, well the above Google map is as free as you can get. You could also try getting your hand at a copy from the Tourism Malaysia information centres. But those maps are rather stylised and lacking in detail. So your best bet for a detailed map would be the local bookstore like MPH, Popular, Borders, etc. Perhaps the newsstand service would have them too and you could try getting a hold of a copy.

There are not so may surprises when it comes to moving around Cameron Highlands. Just one long main road which they name it Jalan Besar, which translate to Big Road. It cuts through the main towns in Cameron Highlands and if you are trying to find your way to the major hotels they are usually located along the main road. Hotels for example the Equatorial Cameron Highlands, YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, De La Ferns, Casa Dela Rosa, Smokehouse Hotel, Century Pines Resort, Lakehouse Cameron Highlands are located next to the main road. So you can't miss them.

There are some side branches along the main road that would lead to the slightly hidden hotels such as Strawberry Park Resort, Heritage Hotel (well actually is not that hidden, just slightly off on a hill top next to Tanah Rata). And there are ample signage indicating the way to Boh Tea Plantation in Habu as well as the Kea Farm area. So you can't really miss the junction to the various places.

With the frantic pace of development in Cameron Highlands, the place is still not very large, although there may be housing area and some interesting places like Taman Sedia, mostly you should be able to find your way around Cameron Highlands without too much difficulty. Cameron Highlands may cover a large area, but frankly speaking, with a car to drive around, it is not so difficult to find your way around the place. Of course with a handy Cameron Highland map it would certainly help ease your way around the place.

And if you are the tech savvy kind of person and bought one of those Gamin GPS system, be ready to be disappointed. Such GPS devices are more useful for the big cities. When it comes to small towns and outskirt areas like Cameron Highlands, GPS map devices becomes unreliable. Well you could use those GPS coordinate devices for jungle trekking though. Malaysia is no small place and unlike Singapore which is a small area where the road seldom change much, to get up-to-date maps of Malaysia is not so easy. So it is back to the old school of driving around with a map in hand or for those expert in knocking about (like me) with very basic info and trying to find your direction around. It is a little trying, but that's how we navigate around Malaysia.

Anyway, the above free Cameron Highland map should serve as a rough guide till you get a proper map of Cameron Highlands from MPH, Borders, Popular Bookstore, etc.

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