Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands

Tanah Rata is a good place to hold up for a stay in Cameron Highlands. It is pretty central in its location when going visiting the various sights and attractions around Cameron Highlands.

Tanah Rata is relatively flat in comparison with many of the towns around Cameron Highlands. In fact they have a nice large soccer football field near to the main bus terminal. Tanah Rata also has several government offices setting up their administration centre here.

Tanah Rata, map of Cameron Highlands

Finding your way around Tanah Rata isn't too difficult. There is this main road coming from the south-west from Ringlet arching around the main town centre before meandering up a gentle slope to the North towards the Golf Course and to Brinchang and beyond.

Tanah Rata main road

Major Banks have set up shops in Cameron Highlands like HSBC, BSN, CIMB, Agrobank and some of them like HSBC and BSN have been here for a very long time! So if you are short of cash from spending and buying vegetables, flowers, and souvenirs, a quick trip to ATM machines to withdraw some cash for further shopping spree in good ol' Cameron Highlands.

Residents of Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands enjoying a round of football.

And there's that beautiful Tanah Rata Post Office with the stone work appearance exterior located along the main road. I think the P.O. Boxes has not change since many years ago though new coat of paint has been applied to the post office to spruce up its look.

The old convent school sits high on a hill top overlooking Tanah Rata main street. At one time it was British Hospital before it was converted to a school. It has a long history I suppose. There use to be many British army barracks way back then, but now only a handful was leftover and converted by Father's Guesthouse into little accommodation. I would have thought it would be cold during the night, but not so according to Father's Guesthouse. Leave it to British ingenuity to come up with good insulation idea for keeping warm during the cold nights!

There are several road turnings around Tanah Rata which lead to some interesting places. At the bus terminal junction, turning in would take you pass the soccer field and you can visit MARDI, the Malaysian Agricultural Research Department Institute. You need to pay a small fee to visit their beautiful gardens. Going straight ahead along the same road will take you the Robinson Waterfall. The crashing sound of the waterfall is pretty thunderous. Imagine the force of nature is so great, so much that it is used for generating Hydro-Electric power by the local Tenaga National Board (TNB) electric company.

There is a Cameron Highlands Hospital Clinic at towards the end of the main road as well as the Cameron Highlands Police station is located here in Tanah Rata.

Shops and Restaurants in Tanah Rata

Another view of Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Most of the main shops can be found along the main road and they comprise mainly restaurants, shop lot hotels and grocery store. There are a few specialty shop and some offices, but mainly what comes to mind are the eateries. Somehow the smell of food on a cold night sure entices you for nice hot meal. Steamboat restaurants are plenty everywhere in Cameron Highlands and you should have no problem finding them here in Tanah Rata.

Go Indian if you like some spicy Indian food, perhaps banana leaf rice, roti chanai, thosai or naan. Take your pick of chicken or fish curry. Something spicy to warm up your body from the cold weather of Cameron Highlands.

Or perhaps you like something more cosy? Although English afternoon tea seems to be the staple drink in the highlands, we have some U.S. coffee invasion in the form of Starbucks with its nice cosy interior decoration. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to warm up your body and caffeine to kick start your day, eh? Well if you don't want to spend a bundle on coffee franchise, you could always head out to the Indian shops or Mamak shops for an affordable cup of coffee with milk at a fraction of Starbuck price! Not the same you might say, of course, take it Malaysian style or Western style, your pick!

Hotels in Tanah Rata

Plenty of hotels to choose from. Very convenient indeed if you choose hotels in Tanah Rata, it just walking distance to any of the shops and stalls. Especially for those who has no transport of their own and need to take public transportation. Choose hotels here for convenience. You won't feel you are in a city; this is after all a small town. For those who drive, do pick your choices properly.

Greenhills Apartment in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Shoplot hotels are very affordable ranging in price from RM80 to RM120 per night. But you have to park your car on the main street and if you have lots of baggage that going to be a lot to carry around. If you can afford it, go for the hotels that have parking space available like Century Pines Resort, Heritage Hotel, Cool Point Hotel, etc. Some of the cheap budget hotels have parking spaces too though some may have limited parking space available.

If you can pay for it, then go for the star rated hotels in Tanah Rata like Century Pines Resort and Heritage. Rooms are ranging around RM150 to RM200 per night. And if you are travelling on a shoestring or perhaps a backpacker out to see the world before you embark on your corporate lifestyle, then check out those cheap guesthouse and lodging like Kang Travelodge, Father's Guesthouse, Twinpines / KRS, Cameronian Inn and many others. They have dormitory style lodging to rooms with or without bathroom attached. So depending on what you choose, you pay as little as RM10 per night to RM80 per night.

Things to do in Tanah Rata

Road to MARDI and Robinson Falls in Tanah Rata.

There is no night market in Tanah Rata, although there some small temporary markets on an open space at the southern end of Tanah Rata, it is small and nothing to shout about, but you could get some decent vegetables or sweet corn. For some attractions, you can head out MARDI and explore the garden.

Otherwise look out for the various jungle trails leading out from Tanah Rata ranging from simple easy walks like the Parit Trail or go for more challenging ones like the Robinson trail and many others.

Otherwise, just find yourself a nice cafe perhaps Lord's Cafe (T-Cafe) or Starbucks or Mamak shop and hold up there and relax with some English Afternoon tea and scones with Devonshire cream or Latte (if you ended up in Starbucks, heheh). Chit-chat with friends and family and enjoy the cool weather of Cameron Highlands in Tanah Rata town.

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