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Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Blue

I ordered this helicopter along with 3 other helicopters. 3 from Syma and one off brand helicopter. I ordered multiple helicopters because the only ones I have flown have been 2 channel and if one broke I would have backup. I ordered the Syma S107 and S105 at the same time, and the S107 arrived first and the S105 arrived the next day. On my frist flight of the S107 I was suprised how stable and smooth the flight was. The box says 14 and up but I think anyone could control this helicopter. It goes up, down, left, right, forward, and backwards, all at a balanced speed thats good for indoor flight.

It is not too slow to be boring or too fast that you can't controll it. The trim button on the controller is pretty much not needed because it does not spin out of control. I still havnt adjusted the trim after about 20 flights. Also, both Syma helicopters are VERY durable since they are made of metal and hard plastic.

The blades are also durable. There are some differences in the S107 and S105. The S105 is slightly wider and slightly longer. It also has two LED lights on each side and one in the front, a total of 6, which can be cool or annoying, it just depends on preference. The s107 has a single light on the front. The S105 seems to spin out more than the S107 and is more difficult to trim.

This is an obvious flaw that was addressed with the newer S107, because it does not spin out at all. They both can be charged with the controller or through a USB port on your computer which is good if you don't want to waste your batteries on your controller. They both use 6 AA batteries in the controller. Both helicopters are extremely durable and have been crashed several times.

My only complaint with them is the flight time is only around 5 minutes, although I don't have anything to compare it to because the other 2 helicopters I ordered are still not here yet after about a week and a half. Also, the only option for shipping is standard shipping. Overall I would recommend the S107 over the S105 because of the trim issue with the S105, but both are excellent helicopters and they are a very good price.
-- By J.Ward, Arkansas, USA (March 2, 2010)


The thing is a breeze to fly! Mine arrived in perfect condition, and with 3 days of flights with no crashes the helicopter stopped lifting off & the controller was acting crazy, even after a battery change. Found out the lower rotor shaft has slipped out of place and was not rotating at full speed. A small piece of duct tape has secured the rotor shaft back in place. The rotor shaft thing has been reported in other RC group sites, so buyers should be aware that this may happen to them as well. Now lift off is working again, and will have to see how well the controller works. Overall the best flying helicopter in the price range, but made in China so quality may be questionable.
-- By Daniel D. Taylor (April 30, 2010)


I am not a Heli expert but can say I have owned an Electric Falcon with Auto Pilot ($250-350), a Coco Lama (great heli $75) and the first micro heli($19). The s107 is fun and VERY stable, you really can't ask for more, it will go back and forward very easily, it would literally be a work of engineering at this price if it had better turning. Let me explain- it vertical controls are quick and presice, it goes up and down very easy and with power, it turns to the right or left by a light touch. What it is lacking is horizontal yaw. But guess what it's a toy and so cheap that I must say outside of this it's a blast! I love my Coco Lama, its bigger and worth every penny, yet this micro is sturdy and has great controls, it's a steal for 30-35 total, its built very well and strong, I truly believe its going to be around a long time and if not the parts are cheap. I truly believe it could go for $70-100 so it's the best bang for the buck! I hear there is a walker out there that is great but its $100. I question how much better and fully applaud Syma and Xheli for making it cheap. I also feel it's a great learner heli, oh yes. You get this thing down when you step up will have the basics down. BUY it! For this price it's a 5 You will not be wasting money its worth every penny!
-- Flyingbroker, Florida (July 12, 2010)


I bought this helicopter for half the price of $25 when I saw how easy it was to fly at a Washington state county fair. The fair price was $50 so I figured correctly when I thought it'd be cheaper as an online purchase. It was definitely easier to fly than previous helicopters I've owned because of the built in gyro system. Fun to fly toy for beginners. Has occasional gear slippage problems preventing it from taking off as I've also learned online. Too lazy to try to return it for that reason since it's only $25. Fairly durable as it's still flying after numerous crashes into objects and into the ground (carpet) so keeping my fingers crossed! Wish it had more flying time (approx. 6-8 min.) but recharges in around an hour or less.
-- Gadget Guy, Seattle, WA. USA. (November 16, 2010)


This helicopter definitely delivered what the reviews said about it (so far). I've only owned it for about a week, but I've been flying the heck out of it and it's a blast! Is it durable? Yes. Indestructable? No. I've flown it into the roof of the warehouse at my work (about 35-40 feet up), and had it fall all the way down to the concrete below and have it not break. On the other hand, the first time I let my wife fly it, she crashed into the wall, it fell between a child-gate and a stone hearth, and the shaft bent. Turns out it just needed to be bent back a little and it was as good as new (literally). I also had a bad crash with it and broke the top of the shaft where the balance bar is. I thought it was going to be a more involved fix, but all I had to do was buy a $3 shaft replacement, take out two screws, replace the top plastic part of the shaft, replace the screws, and it was good to go again.

I'm tempted to have my 3-year-old play with it, but I don't think he's capable yet. I bet you that a 4-year-old could (even though it says 14+ on the packaging), and I have a blast with it as a 32-year-old man (what a surprise). When I play with the copter at work, my coworkers stand around and stare at it (sorry, customer service). When I play with it at home, my 3 and 1-year-old boys laugh hysterically and chase it around the house. My dog wants to eat it (and has got his teeth on it a few times), and my cat is scared as **** of it.

I purchased this one to practice learning how to fly before I open the Chinook I purchased for Christmas, and it was a great idea. I now know how to fly the thing without destroying it and still having a ton of fun. As far as ease of flying goes, this model is super easy. EXTREMELY stable (people who see it fly are really impressed) because of the Gyro system, and doesn't fly too fast so you're crashing into walls nonstop. It doesn't have a very fast forward speed (actually faster backward), but I've read you can add some weight on the nose to get it going faster (which I'm assuming may affect it's hovering ability), plus the slower speed keeps you from crashing. When the battery is fully charged, this guy takes off (up) extremely quick. It'll catch you off guard when it first happens. As the battery drains you will lose elevation (lift), until ultimately it just hovers barely off the ground and you can skate it around the floor. Then back to charging (the USB charger has a light on when you plug it in. When you plug the helicopter in the other end, the light turns off. When the charging is complete, the light turns back on again... simple and about 45 minutes -- save the batteries in the remote control), and flying (about 5-8 minutes, as advertised... depending on how aggressively you fly it).

Finally, I was worried about the infrared controller's ability, but it works great (even around some obstructions, as long as the signal can bounce of surrounding walls). Only time it cuts out is under real bright lights and, more specifically, direct sunlight. I've flown it outside when there is no wind and it's just before dawn (or dusk) and it works fine.

Can I really say any more? I convinced my wife that we should buy one for my brother-in-law for Christmas and, for such a low price including super saver shipping, it's a great deal. I can't wait to open my double rotor Chinook for Christmas!
-- Joseph Fink (November 5, 2010)


OK, this is the best $35 I ever spent. Er, should I say my kids ever spent for me for Christmas.

So, the good, the bad and the ugly. OK, so, I don't believe there is an "ugly" for this helicopter.

For such a small helicopter this thing is incredibly stable. If you are a first timer you really need to get a helicopter with a gyro. The gyro is what stabilizes the "spinning" action or rotation of the helicopter in flight. I have tried helicopters without gyros before and believe me, you spend all your time just trying to keep the thing straight that you get frustrated and never learn to fly or have fun with it. Now, as you advance I can see the desire to not have a gyro to hone your skills. But, not as a beginner. At least not in my humble opinion.

The controls are precise. The helicopter responds instantly to every command. This is crucial for avoiding the ceiling or other objects. Now, for such a small helicopter it does tend to drift just slightly when trying to hover. Since you can't "lean" your helicopter left and right you have to rotate it to make corrections while hovering. But, again, for the price it still hovers amazingly well.

Takeoff's and Landing:
Hmmmm. Well, when you learn to fly a real helicopter you first spend several lessons just learning how to take the helicopter a few inches off the ground and keep it from rotating. With this helicopter I thought I would try the same, ease it up slowly and try to hover a few inches while I got used to the controls. This won't work. As you spin up the throttle you see the helicopter get "light" and ready to take off. As you reach optimum lift it will start to lean one direction or the other and if you continue just easing up the throttle it will slide one direction or the other and be out of control right from the start. Probably the only real negative of this helicopter. But, again, what do you expect for $35. The solution, spin it up slowly at first so that the helicopter gets "light". As soon as you see it ready to take off you need to gun the throttle. This will cause it to take off quickly and much more straight up. But, beware, be ready to ease back on the throttle as soon as it takes off or you will drill a hole in your ceiling. This isn't as tough as it sounds but I found this method necessary for a "smooth" take off.

As for landing, this is a little easier than take off but again, as you approach your target landing zone and try to hover it will tend to drift. I believe this is due to the air current put out by the rotors. It is over powering for the light weight of the helicopter as the air bounces off the surface and affects the ability for the helicopter to hover near the ground. So, at this point you need to just let go of the throttle and let it land.

Now, I will be the first to admit I am not an expert with this helicopter. I would guess you can perfect your takeoff's an landings and that's what makes this thing so much fun.

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Yellow

Battery Life:
Pretty much dead on with what the book says and what everyone's reviews say. 40 minutes to charge and 7 minute flight time. Yes, 7 minutes seems short and is a little short but it gives you a good flight time. It will leave you wanting more. I kind of like that so I don't burn out and get bored after one flight.

Don't try to do too much on your first flight. I keep reading about people breaking their rotors right off the bat. No doubt easy to do and based on my near misses something I am sure to do also. But, I don't have any spares right now and I would guess you won't either when you first buy it. So, go slow. You will have fun just mastering the controls and it's flight.

Going backwards full tilt helps avoid crashes and stabilizes the flight to regain control.

Try to avoid hitting yourself with the blades, they hurt. Yes, I am speaking from experience. :) But, they didn't break nor did they cut me.

Well, that's it for now. Hope this helps. I will post more tips later as I get better. Have fun!
-- Brian A.Hall, Kansas City (December 18, 2010)


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