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Visit the favourite tourism Malaysia highlands; the Cameron Highlands is one of the best highlands to go for a relaxing getaway break. There may be many highlands around for tourism Malaysia. However Cameron Highlands is still favoured because of the relaxing mood and an easy going atmosphere. It still retains some of the colonial charm of yesteryears, while the soothing greens of tea plantation and farming community and the surrounding montane forest gives one a very relaxing place to kick back, spread your hands wide and breath in deep the nice cool fresh air of the highlands.

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Cameron Highlands may be a little off the road from the main North-South highway in Malaysia. The well maintained road though may be winding, is not that difficult to handle. The moment you hit the winding road up with the jungle and forest with the sheer hills slope all around, you could immediately feel the soothing effect of the lush greenery.

At approximately 1,600m from sea level, the air is very much cooler than the lowlands. It is favoured among the Malaysians and Singaporeans as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. A chance to head back to nature and yet still have access to amenities. A chance to have a cooler climate, away from the hot humid tropical heat without the use of any artificial air-conditioning. Yes, the naturally cool air and greenery draws in holiday makers whenever chance permits.

Cameron Highlands was discovered some one hundred years ago by William Cameron. It has since been develop into one of the main vegetable producers in Malaysia. Coupled with the popular Boh Tea Plantation and Bharat Tea Plantation, it is a natural draw for both local and overseas tourist alike.

Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia travel destination, everybody's favourite place to go!

There may be other highlands in Malaysia, most notably Genting Highlands with its bright lights, casinos and amusement park, the very quiet of Fraser's Hill, and the simple Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut) and of course the Colmar Tropicale, a replica of the French Town in Berjaya Hills. However Cameron Highlands is still one of the favourites.

So come and explore Cameron Highlands and find out more about sights and attractions, where you can go for meals, for outdoor adventures and perhaps not doing much might be more like your kind of activity, then sit back and relax and go for day spa Malaysia or some foot and body massage. With so many things to do, there is no shortage of what one's want to do.

So welcome to Cameron Highlands and bid you welcome to this website where you can find the most extensive information about this favourite tourism Malaysia highlands travel destination!