Travelers like you and us face common problems in many of our travel experiences. Ever tried searching how to get from one city to another by bus or train? Quite naturally, we are unfamiliar with our destinations. There is a problem with language. We have no idea where to go and how to get there. A trip to a new destination frequently involves a lengthy research process of reading guidebooks, forums or asking friends of friends for advice.

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All this planning is part of the fun, but there is one particular hassle we can do without – finding out how to get from one place to another. Getting from place A to B is not even the most exciting part of the trip, and the research tends to take more time than it really should. In many countries, we found that we can easily find flight information online, but bus and train information is a different matter. Yet, inter-state land transport is huge. In Malaysia, more people travel by land than by air. In many states of Malaysia, infrastructure constraints also mean that this is the only transport option available. Fact is, not everyone has a car, and not all cities are accessible by plane.

Roadhop aims to change that. We will organize all information on how to get from place to place by land, for travelers to compare schedules, fares and companies easily, and find the best prices for the best rides in Singapore and Malaysia. Please do email us at RoadHop to see how we can serve you better!

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