Smokehouse Hotel

The Smokehouse Hotel in Cameron Highlands was built in 1937. One of the few older country houses, with its wooden beams, smoky latticed windows, and a very English furnishing and fittings. You would definitely feel at home here sitting in one of their big winged old English armchairs. The chairs are so comfortable that I almost bought one these types of armchairs for my house; it would spoil my house décor if I did. Such is the cozy feeling when you step in to Ye Ol' Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant.

Smokehouse Hotel and its beautiful garden

One of the first things that catch your eye as you enter its compound is its award winning beautifully tended garden. You would be very tempted to run into the garden and take out your digital camera and start snapping away. However they would forbid you to do any of that unless of course if you are a paying guest. The simplest way would be to have simple dine in meal and with that you have your passport to roam all over the place to capture your beautiful portraits.

I guess they have this rule to preserve their peacefulness as well as to discourage too many visitors from over running the place thus ruining their little sanctuary. Don't worry meal aren't so expensive that you couldn't afford it. In fact their meals are simple delicious. Have a western meal. It tastes really good. And don't forget, for desserts; try their afternoon tea and scones set. It simply supreme. They have one of the better tasting scones around Cameron Highlands.

And with such a wonderful interior, you may consider staying over. You need to book well in advance as they have very limited rooms available. All together they have only thirteen rooms and each one individually decorated with their own styles and furnished with antique furniture. The price tag is not cheap going for about RM400 per night. Despite the high price tag their rooms are quickly snap up on any weekends. So book early to avoid no vacancy.

And to top it up with the beautiful interiors, their service is top notch; receiving many compliments from many guests who have stayed there. Definitely a thumbs up! From what I have experience from my dining experience, they certainly give the guest value for money. Even for ordering a simple afternoon tea and scones with Devonshire set, they still serve you well too. How about topping it up by having your afternoon tea and scones out in the beautiful garden? Out in the open with beautiful plants and flowers all around, perhaps a slight cool breeze from the afternoon sun while chatting up on the latest happenings and gossip with family and friends is something not to be missed!

Like the place already? Find them around the golf course in Cameron Highlands or inquire directly with them for room vacancy:

The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant by the Golf Course
P.O. Box 77, Tanah Rata,
39007 Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: +605-491 1215


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