Equatorial Cameron Highlands

Equatorial Cameron Highlands sits at the pinnacle of the main road between Brinchang and Tringkap and right smack in the middle of Kea Farm. The height of this hotel is at 1,628 meters (5,300 feet) above sea level. It has a very commanding view of the surrounding area. Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highlands has both normal hotel rooms as well as apartment style accommodation.

Hotel Equatorial Cameron Highlands on a hilltop

Depending on room availability, you can choose rooms that face towards the valley overlooking the cliff or facing towards the Kea Farm vegetable markets. Of course when I stayed there I chose the valley, so this was a no brainer here.

As for the Equatorial Hotel Apartments, it is good for housing a big family, however no cooking is allowed, so you can't do any of your own steamboat meals. If you really need to eat I suppose you could go for some instant cup noodles... Otherwise drop on over to Kea Farm, there is a restaurant called Strawberry View Cafe and Restaurant serving up western fare like chicken chop and Chinese dishes. You could also opt for steamboat too if you like.

Equatorial Cameron Highlands' location in Kea Farm meant that you can just walk down to the vegetable markets in Kea Farm as well as the roadside vegetable markets along the main road. With a bit of walking, you could also walk to some nearby Cameron Highlands attractions like the Rose Center located further down in Kea Farm vegetable markets; or if you walk along the main road, you could visit the other attractions like butterfly parks and Ee Feng Gu honey bee farm apiaries. There is also the strawberry farm located just opposite of Equatorial Hotel. The close proximity to the vegetable markets meant that you can borong (as one of my readers said it) lots of veggies and bring it back to your room to lighten your load, and go back for more!

You can also attempt to walk all the way to Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation, but I think that is a little tad too far though I have seen some determine tourist doing the walk. Too much exercise for me!

Personally I don't fancy hotel food, except maybe having continental style breakfast. So for lunch and dinner meals, you need to venture out further. Nearest town would be Brinchang (approx 10 minutes drive provided there is no Brinchang Night Market going on). You could also explore Tringkap town and see if you can find any grub. If unsure best to head down to Brinchang or Tanah Rata for your meals.

If you own some Malaysian credit cards, watch out for some promotion that comes with your statement. You might see some good offers. I had a good one once from Direct Access providing a weekday stay at RM99 per night. Hadn't seen that offer since, though I saw a few other types offered by CIMB and OUB. Bookings can get very pack when such offers are around so book early to avoid disappointment!

As for the room condition and service level of Equatorial Cameron Highlands, for a star rated hotel is not too bad-lah. Though it took ages for the maintenance to come over to fix a faulty bulb in my room. They did send an apology letter for their slip up. Otherwise, the overall it was quite a pleasant stay in this Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highlands.

If you like the place you may contact them for inquiries at:

Equatorial Cameron Highlands
Kea Farm, Brinchang
39100 Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: +60 5 496 1777
Fax: +60 5 496 1333

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