Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands

Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands is located on a hilltop just behind the convent school in Tanah Rata. It is just a short walking distance down the hill to reach Tanah Rata. Heritage Hotel only provides rooms only. If you want apartment in Cameron Highlands, you have to look at Greenhill Apartments which is separately managed.

Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands

Heritage Hotel is built in the style of the old Tudor English architecture in keeping with the tune of Tudor English style of the general tourism of Cameron Highlands. It height location is about 1,500 meter above sea level. And being seated atop the hill, it has a good view of the Tanah Rata town, provided you get rooms facing to Tanah Rata. Other views are just as good too.

They have restaurants serving up both continental and oriental cuisine. And if you like, you can try out their little English pub and have a couple of beers or cocktails. I'm not much of a drinking type so I leave that to those who likes those spirits. Their Chinese restaurant is pretty popular for their steamboats. So if you are kinda lazy to walk down to Tanah Rata or drive out to Brinchang, you can have it here in Heritage Hotel.

If you have Heritage Vacation Club, you could use your vacation points here to book yourself a room.

Room condition, well I think they could do better. I had to change room after checking in as there was a sour kind of smell in the bedroom. It wasn't the musky kind of smell from the high humidity of Cameron Highlands, but something sour like. Couldn't stand it. So after changing the room, the replacement room was ok and has good view of the hills. I could see a bit of Tanah Rata from that room position but the view was mostly blocked by trees. The layout of the room was simple. Service wise it was not too bad and the staffs were accommodating.

Generally the Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands is acceptable and they should provide a pleasant enough stay for this star rated hotel in Tanah Rata.

You may contact them for further inquiries at:

Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands
Jalan Gereja Tanah Rata
39000 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel: 05-491 3888
Fax: 05-491 5666

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